Flint GL-AX1800 Stable for 10+ days

Flint GL-AX1800 (Bought during super early bird special)
Firmware: 3.208
Adguard Home: 0.106. 3.1 (DNS configured to use NordVPN DNS)(Custom rule to use Nord Smartproxy for RoKu device)
VPN Client: NordVpn Openvpn 102+ Mbps
VPN Policy: in use
Killswich: engaged

Router has been running with 5 Wireless clients connected and 2 wired clients continuously. No real issued except for 2.4Ghz wouldn’t connect 2 restarts got it working.

After Restart

Ram seems to diminish quickly(34% free to 14%) over first 4 days then stabilize. Last 6 days 14%-10% free
Is this a Memory Leak?

Have Kernel log System log and Crash Log

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Can you try this to see if memory cache can be dropped?

echo '3' > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

Freed up memory 22%–>38% after 2 days memory is at 32%. Buffered memory also dropped significantly. I am making a assumption that when I do a restart the problem will come back so I will go extreme and let it run for 14days (max it has gone without a restart so far) and execute the command again. Here is some info on the command I found useful
How to Clear RAM Memory Cache, Buffer, and Swap on Linux.