Flint GL-AX1800 VPN setup with PIA Access Wireguard

I’ve just purchased both of the above products,
Is there a setup guide for Newby’s for the subject above?
I’ve tried the YouTube but they always seem to assume that we’re familiar with the tech-talk.


Why Yes if you go just under where you selected forum there is a tab labeled Documentation pick you router and find the subject.
Here is what you want

Depending on what services you are using Mallvad as a example takes a while to build a list of the 400+ servers so be patient and wait for it to finish stuff.

For PIA, please use the smartphone app to setup.

Go to the wireguard client setup and find PIA.

Fill the username and password of PIA.

Thank you so much! I was confused with the word ‘Client’ as to it’s meaning in this situation. :roll_eyes:
kind regards

what??? Really?/ that easy? I’ve been googling like crazy how to setup PIA Wireguard, but PIA doesn’t provide the config files like they do for Open VPN.

It works but when I did it over the app it deleted my original Wireguard profile.

The app only pushes one config to the router.

When you set up a new config it replaced the old one.

This is by design.

We are working on the improvlement. But pls accept how it works now because it is very each to change profile.