Flint GL-AX1800 VPN / Wireguard

Hi, I want to find a VPN provider that is compatible with the Flint GL-AX1800 that uses the ‘WireGuard’ protocol and doesn’t get blocked by Netflix and Prime.
I have already tried PIAccess and that gets blocked, (it is confirmed on the net that it’s no good). So I put in for a refund.

It’s been suggested on a couple of sites that Nord is the one, or ‘Ivacy’ as they have ways of keeping ahead of Netflix and Prime by rotating their IP address (I think they employ ‘Data’ !)
So I jumped at Ivacy because it was half the price of Nord, but I forgot to check if they used WireGuard, and they don’t. So I put in for a refund.

Then I saw ‘CyberGhost’ and yes, they use WireGuard as well as Openvpn, and it was suitable for Routers, so I bought the 3 year deal (Cheap), and then found that it’s not compatible with the Flint…So I put in for a refund.

Has anyone been successful with this?

Try to use ProtonVPN. Its a free account. I already had a ProtonMail account and its the same login. I copied the Wireguard config into my Flint and away I went…

My struggle today is to pass my streaming accounts like you. Amazon blocks it… But when I add Amazon to the VPN Policy list to pass it through the VPN it still gets blocked…

I am more concerned about a VPN for my Web surfing and buying rather than the Streaming Video.

Hi Chuckster.
Thanks for responding, I had the same experience with PIAccess,I’m not interested with having a VPN for Netflix or Prime, the VPN was working with Kodi but blocking Netflix and Prime, so I enabled a policy for both and they still got blocked (I tried all combinations of the policy settings) the only way I could get through to them was by turning the VPN off, and I don’t want to have to do that each time.
If there’s a ‘Tech’ reading this, why don’t the policies work?

You don’t really need VPN to bypass geo-blocking Netflix/Prime binge.
SmartDNS provider like “Getflix” and “ControlD” are “easier” solution for any device to configure.
I have used both providers and they are both working well for geo-blocking binge.

Thats interesting Cafebug, I will look into that.