Flint GL-AX1800 wireless limitation?

Hi I have difficulties connecting new Sonoff devices though my AX1800.
It’s show connected but never online in my eWelink app. I wondering if the AX1800 block or limit the connection? How I check on this? Does my AX1800 have limitation how many devices connected though 2.4GHz wifi?

I have no experience with sonoff but is your setup like this?:

Smart devices connect to a hub and the hub connects to the flint?

I do use aqara and noticed same type of behaviour but only because the vpn was active, it seems the servers might block vpn servers.

When I use a direct connection or vpn policies it worked for me.

From your description, I assume that all the Sonoff devices work over 2.4GHz wifi (not Z-Wave or ZigBee that require a hub), that all the Sonoff devices show as actively connected on the CLIENTS page of the GL-AX1800, and that all the Sonoff devices have been paired successfully in the eWelink app.

Is your smartphone with the eWelink app also connected to the same 2.4GHz wifi network and showing as an actively connected on CLIENTS page of the router? If the smartphone is connected over cellular/LTE, then there may be an issue related to eWelink cloud communications that Sonoff Support should be able to troubleshoot.

There is no hard limit on the number of devices that can be connected on the 2.4GHz wifi network. You can also try resetting/rebooting one of the Sonoff devices and/or reinstalling the app.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet.

All sonoff directly connected to flint, I found that one of my Sonoff not working (Sri02,04 Mi02) and I trying to add 2 more devices namely (BASICR2 and Micro777) these two was paired successfully using compatibility mode in eWelink app but not using quick paring. And the Alexa also notified that the new device add successfully connected, to control the device say with command…"

The rest existing Sonoff devices are still working, including all my home devices (smarphone, computer, washing machine) are connected trough flint.

The strange thing I tested these two is no problem connected using mobile hotspot and it’s was using the quick paring, but not connecting to my home isp internet though flint. Somehow the quick paring didn’t work at all. In the CLIENT i not sure which these two are connected or not connected to flint.

I’m configured flint with DHCP infinite, there is no lease time.

I can’t figured out why these two still offline, I have paired them many times.

I suggest you contact Sonoff Support on the problem.

To see if a device connects to the router:

  1. Power off the Sonoff device (turn off switch, unplug from outlet, remove battery)
  2. Go to the router CLIENTS page and take screenshots of actively connected devices
  3. Power up the Sonoff device and wait until it boots and enough time to connect
  4. Go to the router CLIENTS page and compare with previous screenshots to see if there is a new device connected

The problem is I have devices about 85+ now I can’t use screenshot, the number of Online Clients and Offline Clients keep changing very frequently.

For future reference, there are apps that can detect help detect new network devices.

I have used the free “Fing” Android app that scans your network for devices, including IP/MAC addresses, and allows you to Confirm them as valid/known. If you later refresh the scan, the app will show any new devices (and allow you to confirm them also). Even if the previous devices go offline and online, they are not treated as new devices once they have been confirmed.

Can you try setting the 2.4G wifi encryption to WPA2 or WPA/WPA2 mixed and try?

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The wireless security encryption key already at WPA2-PSK

Then try WPA/WPA2 mixed.

Okay, WPA/WPA2 Mixed is worked. I guess they only work on WPA instead WPA2. But strange my existing Sonoff are already paired and connected on previous wireless security setting with WPA2-PSK.

I don’t know but WPA/WPA2 mixed always a good try for IoT devices.

Luckly it worked.