Flint memory is high usage compare to Slate AX

May i know why the memory usage of flint is so high compare to Slate AX, since they are similar CPU?

I’m curious to know whether this is normal as reach 90% usage. Am so scared the router burst once reach 100%?

What is the firmware version of your Flint? The performance of the 3.x version is worse than that of the 4.x version.
Besides that, are you using the same configuration on both routers? Especially for applications like ADGuard Home and VPN.

The memory usage contains the buff/cache part, which is automatically freed when there is not enough memory.
You can check this with the free command in SSH.

For flint am using 4.01 beta 2 and for Slate AX is 4.01 release 2. Both router adguard is set up and vpn as well.

Both router set up is similar, that why am curious of it.

This is flint for 4.01 beta 2 firmware after install

This is Slate AX for 4.01 release 2 firmware after install

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Thank you for your feedback.
The memory used in the buff/cache section will increase with uptime, so you can try rebooting the router and then compare.
We will keep an eye on this issue as we work on debugging the 4.x release of Flint.

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After reboot the flint, the usage of memory is 50%

Sound good :+1: as similar memory usage after reboot the Slate AX!