Flint Repeater Function Not Working

Hi all,

I’m currently experiencing an issue with one of my two recently purchased Flint routers.

Out of the box, I had no issues with either device. Flint One currently serves as the primary router for my apartment, providing a primary and guest Wifi network. Flint Two was operating as a glorified Wifi receiver for my own devices, in that I was using it as a repeater and running ethernet cables to my various computers. For a few weeks I was doing this without issue.

I recently reset Flint Two, and ever since I have been unable to connect to either Wifi network created by Flint One. I am able to scan and locate both networks created by Flint One, and receive a “Success” notification after attempting to connect to either network, after which there is no indication that a connection has been made; the “Repeater” icon remains dulled and I have no internet connection for any device connected to Flint Two. Though the networks are added to the “Known Wi-Fi Networks” list, attempting to reconnect to either doesn’t change the outcome.

I have configured Flint Two to have a non-default LAN IP so that there isn’t a routing conflict with Flint One. Otherwise I have made no changes to the device.

Has anyone else had similar troubles or have recommendations for further troubleshooting? I have tried resetting the device multiple times and have tried configuring it over both ethernet and iOS app with the same outcome.

Thanks in advance, I will gladly provide additional information if needed.

Update: After rebooting Flint Two several times and continuing to try to connect to the Wifi network of Flint One, the control panel now indicates that the network is connected and that DHCP has done its thing. Despite this, however, I still have no internet connection for any device connected to Flint Two. Flint Two now appears as a connected client on Flint One’s control panel.

Off the top of my head, the only modifications I’ve made to Flint One that could be correlated with the issue is 1) Using DNS over HTTPS and 2) Utilizing a Guest network. Otherwise I’m at a bit of a loss to what could be causing the issue.

Can you try 3.208 beta GL.iNet download center

This appears to have fixed it!

I upgraded to 3.208 beta on both devices and am currently experiencing no issues. Many thanks!

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