Flint Stuck in endless loop on Wireguard start

Hi there after upgrading to Firmware 4.0.0 release 2 the VPN client will suddenly stop working and goes into an endless loop

Tue Jun 21 12:49:03 2022 kern.info kernel: [29482.740894] wireguard: wireguard-hotplug IFNAME=wgclient ACTION=REKEY-TIMEOUT
Tue Jun 21 12:49:03 2022 user.notice wireguard-debug: USER=root ifname=wgclient ACTION=REKEY-TIMEOUT SHLVL=2 HOME=/ HOTPLUG_TYPE=wireguard LOGNAME=root DEVICENAME= TERM=linux SUBSYSTEM=wireguard PATH=/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin PWD=/

I have tried adjusting and syncing time to both the client time zone and local time zoned with no luck. I have also tried 3 other configurations of the Wireguard (using TorGuard) with different locations also with no success. Not even a router reboot is helping.
Any thoughts …
Thank you

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