Flint TF storage

I have a 512GB TF format as exFAT installed. The system reported no errors when I transferred 150+ GB over via Samba. But there are missing files. Transferring smaller files (a few GB) seems to work fine. Breaking up the 150+ GB transfer in smaller batches is a pain. What should I do?

  1. Install Syncthing & let it run for a day or three.
  2. Install MobaXterm & rsync --password-file=<(echo "GL-GUI-PASSWORD-GOES-HERE") -rvcP --times /sourcePathGoesHere /targetPathTo51GBSDCardGoesHere it overnight or three.
  3. Install openssh-sftp-server via opkg update; opkg install openssh-sftp-server & use FTPZilla’s ‘Add to queue’ function, execute a batch upload. Run for the day & night or three.

All Both methods will checksum the files.