Flint to 4.1 - WLan to new BR-Lan2

I would like to put ONE Ethernet port and the WLan port in the new bridge group on a second Network (not playing VLans) I did this on the old firmware and I cannot find how to move the Wlan on 4.1 Pointers?

I guess I could just move the other three ethernet ports instead but this is bugging me.

You first need to disassociate the ethernet ports from current configured interface in LuCi then add them to the new one.

You can post how you did it so that other people can easily replicate the problem.

So create a new interface with static ip address add it to your firewall. If I understand correctly you are just making a seperate network similar to a bridge guest network.
WLan port referring to Wireless Locale Area Network and I think you are really talking about Radio 0 5g or Radio 1 2.4g (this might be different)

yuxin.zouGL.iNet Staff


If you want to use both the network port and Wi-Fi on the guest network, then you follow these steps.

  1. create a bridge device named br-guest and add eth3 to the bridge ports
  2. delete eht3 from br-lan
  3. Edit the Guest interface, remove the bridge configuration, and check br-guest in the device options
  4. Find the guest Wi-Fi in Network/Wireless and turn off the Isolate Clients option

The core question I guess was how to move the WIRELESS ports from br-lan. They seem to be locked to the bridge port. That’s it.

Log into LuCi go to wireless disable the requried radio hit edit go to interface configuration select network and add to desired networks