Flint upgrade from 3.216 to 4.5.0

Hi, I’m looking to upgrade from Flint from 3.216 to 4.5.0 - I was wondering if all settings will be erased. I don’t want to un-tick the box to erase all settings. I’ve also upgraded a travel router from 3.216 to 4.5.0 and it kept the wifi ssid names, although the wifi ssid password changed to the default GL.Inet one. So I just had to change the wifi password back. It also erased the internet connection settings.


Don’t keep settings from firmware 3x to 4x. A lot of things have changed and there’s also a warning.
I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take 5-10 minutes to set the router again with your settings :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as everything is working fine, I would just keep it like this?

If it’s working fine it’s okay but it’s not recommended, I would do a factory reset just in case but that’s just me personally. I don’t keep settings most of the time just to avoid any possible bug. I use a lot of features, VPN, AdGuard with a lot of customized settings, reserved IPs, guest networks, Tailscale, etc. And it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to set the router so it doesn’t bother me doing it once in a while