Flint uPnP issues with Xbox NAT

Hi all

I’m on FW 4.1.0

My Xbox is on Wi-Fi and I’ve got moderate Nat with reported uPnP issues.

How do I turn on uPnP so it resolves the NAT issues? I do not want to manually port forward.

Try to install package luci-app-upnp.


Thanks for this.

Luckily I stumbled across another post that suggested to do this and I managed to get that installed and after a short while the NAT issues resolved. The the ACLs for allow was - is this all or do I need to specify my subnet?

Using ACLs you can set security policies. Suppose you only want to expose certain devices, you need to specify subnets and ports.

Just for clarification.

the upnp set up out the box allows all IPs?

As in, i dont need to do anything apart from enable it to start working?

So I’m using this package and my Xbox is still showing as moderate NAT and nothing showing in the active list. Does this package work with FW 4 and above?