Flint v4 upgrade UI regression with NextDNS ID

Hi Team,

Firmware v4 now validates the NextDNS ID field to be maximum 6 characters in length. However, due to this maximum length validation, we no longer have a way to easily identify the router in NextDNS logs. This was possible in firmware v3, as we could prepend a name and a hyphen in the NextDNS field without errors.

Please fix soon. Thanks.

v3 screenshot:

v4 screenshot:

You can install the nextdns-cli. It’s a plugin & will work much better, plus it will sent client devices names to the logs:

(Full names hidden for privacy)

I toggle custom DNS & also sometimes switch between the NextDNS IDs. I find the GUI is simpler for that purpose.

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Thanks for your feedback. we will discuss it.

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Any update on this?
Evaluating NextDNS and all SlateAX traffic shows as ‘Unidentified devices’ in NextDNS console.
Using latest released fw.

This issue has been fixed. But the stable firmware is not release yet on the AX1800. You can try the beta version.

I installed beta on SlateAX, 4.2.3 release1.
I do not see any difference in behaviour, NextDNS still reports the device IP and device as unidentified.

If you still can’t enter more than 6 characters, it’s probably because this version hasn’t merged the relevant codes yet.
Sorry, please wait a while and the next beta version will merge them.

I noticed 4.2.3 release4 was available and installed it.

If I enter more than 6 characters I get message: -2, Invalid id
If I only enter my real id, SlateAX get reported as unidentified in NextDNS console.

so the problem is not solved.

Yes, the fix code will be merged in the next release.
We will release the next beta after we test this version.

Next week we will public v4.2.3 release5, this version will fix this issue.

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this still does not work in release5.
It is now possible to enter a prefix like SlateAX-a12345 but then dns does not resolve and clients are reported as offline. Without a prefix dns resolution works but are shown as unidentified in NextDNS console.

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Agree with @manderss99, v4.2.3r5 only allows to enter a prefix but applying it results in DNS resolution failures.

The issue has been fixed in 4.3.6 release2.

Any ETA on it’s release? I can’t find it in download center.

It’s type is beta, because it is testing. What is the model of your device?
GL.iNet download center (gl-inet.com)

I have SlateAX, but no beta of 4,3,6 is available

Slate AX is being adapted to version 4.5. If there are more problems, we will compile a 4.3+ version.

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