Flint v4 upgrade UI regression with NextDNS ID

Hi Team,

Firmware v4 now validates the NextDNS ID field to be maximum 6 characters in length. However, due to this maximum length validation, we no longer have a way to easily identify the router in NextDNS logs. This was possible in firmware v3, as we could prepend a name and a hyphen in the NextDNS field without errors.

Please fix soon. Thanks.

v3 screenshot:

v4 screenshot:

You can install the nextdns-cli. It’s a plugin & will work much better, plus it will sent client devices names to the logs:

(Full names hidden for privacy)

I toggle custom DNS & also sometimes switch between the NextDNS IDs. I find the GUI is simpler for that purpose.

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Thanks for your feedback. we will discuss it.

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