Flint - which DNS IP in Wireguard Server conf to use Adguard?

Hey Guys,

I’ve got my Flint configured as a Wireguard Server and it runs Adguard. My Beryl is going to be the travel router and it connects up via Wireguard to the Flint, it all works great.

But I have a question…
Which IP address would you put into the Wireguard server config in order for the Beryl to be able to utilize the Adguard on the Flint?

For some strange reason, every time that I generate a Wireguard server config… it auto generates this DNS IP address why is that?

So what would you guys recommend?

Here is the auto generated Wireguard server config from the Flint… using that weird Neustar UltraDNS server…

Address =
ListenPort = 14490
PrivateKey = xxxx

AllowedIPs =,::/0
Endpoint = xx.xx.xx.xx:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = xxxxx


Lan ip of Flint that is dns server of your lan in server site.

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That worked like a charm… I changed the DNS IP to

Thank you !

Same problem here with my Flint. Auto-generated wireguard conf for clients have this dummy DNS while it should be equal to the value in field “IP Address” which is by default. That’s a burden to change each client configuration by hand, although it works. Seems like a bug to fix.

OK. Seems this is reasonable.