Flint width/bandwidth only 80MHz/20MHz - Won't advertise at 40MHz


I’m testing with the Flint, and it won’t broadcast the channel width at 40MHz. When selecting 40MHz, it instead broadcasts at 20MHz (Channel won’t move to 165). Likewise, when selecting 20MHz, it will also broadcast at 20MHz but also move to 165. If you select 80MHz or 20/40/80 MHZ setting it will then broadcast at 80MHz. As a workaround, I’m selecting 20MHz so at least I am moved to 165 which in my current environment is unused. But I would prefer it broadcast at 40MHz for greater bandwidth and fit the density of the environment I’m using it in.

I’m testing at my work, where we prefer to run 40MHz for better wireless density. Using the “WiFi Explorer” tool on my MacBook Pro to check the channel and channel width.

The router is brand-new, just unboxed yesterday. It shipped with what appears to be the latest stable version of firmware:
Current Version 3.213
Compile Time 2022-03-25 19:20:56
Last Update 3.213

If this a known issue? What information do I need to provide to get a bug opened?

I have the similar Wi-Fi setting as yours, however I don’t have this kind of issue from the beginning of Flint firmware. (40Mhz channel in 2.4Ghz band, 80Mhz channel in 5G band )

Maybe you should install the beta 3.214 firmware to give it a try ? Flint 3.214 beta firmware

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Would you be up for testing 40MHz on your 5GHz band? I’m running 2.4GHz @ 20MHz, and looking to run 5GHz @ 40MHz as well.

I tested the beta firmware. Seems to have fixed my problem. It’s running 5GHz at 40MHz on Channel 36 now. Thank you!

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Tested again… Looks like the upper 5GHz channels broadcast at 20MHz.
If I test the lower channels, or manually set channel 36, it will broadcast at 40MHz on the 5GHz radio.

Still seems buggy to me.

I manually configure the 5G channels in 40Mhz in lower band and higher band on my Flint, it appears to be broadcasting correctly in 40Mhz.

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Thank you! I’ll keep messing around with it. Must just be something on my config.

Appreciate your willingness to help!

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Some channels e.g. 165 cannot use 40MHz.


If i remember correctly any channel in DFS range can’t use 40Mhz only channels outside of DFS can.

Yeah. The issue I’m seeing with my device, on channels 149 - 161 it won’t broadcast at 40MHz; only 20MHz. I can get the lower 36 - 48 to operate at 40MHz. It wasn’t selecting any of the DFS channels. I was only running 165 @ 20MHz since it wasn’t noisy or in use… But have since dropped to the lower ranges at 40MHz. Seems like something with my config or environment with the upper channels since cafebug was able to validate that his is running upper channels at 40MHz. I may attempt rolling back/factory resetting config and testing some more next week.

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