Flint2: Broken Cloudflare DDNS plugin

There was a thread discussing broken DDNS plugins here, but it turned into an argument about GPL so it was closed with a comment from GL iNet staff that the scripts would be fixed.

This still hasn’t happened. I’ve just purchased this router and need the ability to update Cloudflare using the DDNS packages, but I can’t.

Does anyone have a workaround, or can staff comment on when the package will be fixed?

Cloudflare ddns? Can you give me a link of what is that?

Hi alzhao,

Here is some instructions on how to configure it using OpenWRT - link

Also some basic information from Cloudflare

As per the previous discussion on these forums that I linked in the post above, it appears the gl-sdk4-ddns package contains outdated scripts.

I managed to find a workaround, and that was to do the following:

It appears to be working now, but it took a bit of mucking around. It has survived a few router reboots.

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Thank you @bonez, I appreciate your primer on setting up DDNS. In addition to Cloudflare, it looks like it can work with a bunch of other DDNS providers.

My GL.iNet device is behind a NAT modem, so the WAN interface is assigned a private IP address. How do I configure OpenWrt DDNS to report my public WAN IP?

May I answer my own question? Under ‘Advanced Settings’ there is an option for the DDNS updater to use a query a URL to return the current IP address. For example http://checkip.dyndns.com returns back your current public IPv4 address.


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If you self-host a website then you’ll probably want to use something like Cloudflare, since they’ll hide your IP address, optimize content delivery and provide DDoS mitigation. But if your ISP doesn’t provide static IP addresses then you’ll need to use something like the Cloudflare DDNS package to update your websites DNS A record every time your IP address changes.

When you forked ddns-scripts you renamed it to gl-sdk4-ddns but you didn’t change file and path names. So, gl-sdk4-ddns ends up conflicting with ddns-scripts and all of its optional add-on packages (e.g. ddns-scripts-cloudflare, ddns-scripts-cnkuai, ddns-scripts-gandi, ddns-scripts-noip) and the only solution is to uninstall gl-sdk4-ddns.

If you were to rename all of the files and the paths within them then people wouldn’t need to uninstall gl-sdk4-ddns.

ddns → glddns
95-ddns → 95-glddns
dynamic_dns_functions.sh → dynamic_gldns_functions.sh
dynamic_dns_updater.sh → dynamic_gldns_updater.sh

But as I mentioned to you privately before now, it seems like gl-sdk4-ddns could have most of the ddns-scripts files removed from it now anyway, since it uses it’s own library to provide DDNS services for glddns.com.