Flint2 & mt300n v2 - Extender Mode

Folks, I wonder if you can help me. I think I’m reasonably adept at networking (although I’m starting to question that now). I’ve just purchased a new GLinet Flint2 router and want to use the GLInet MT300n v2 (‘Mango’) as an AP.

Have set the Mango into Extender Mode (WDS didn’t seem to work at all), connected it wirelessly to the Flint2, set the SSID to be the same, but it only half works. I can see it connects to the Flint2, I can see about 7Gb of traffic going through it, so some devices are connecting, but many are not. I know there’s signal there as my iPhone has full bars, but a whole bunch of devices just aren’t connecting.

I’ve done the usual, rebooted the devices, tried to reconnect them etc etc but they won’t come online. DHCP is coming from the Flint2.

I can’t tell though which devices are connecting to the Mango and which to the Flint2 because they are all on the same subnet.

It’s starting to drive me nuts as I can’t tell what the issue is. It can’t be signal strength as I’ve moved the Mango reasonably close to some of the devices that won’t connect. I’ve also tried 20MHz and 40MHz (and both), that doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

I’m looking for a genius to save the day (or tell me where I’ve made a horrendous error).

Thanks folks.

Oh, this feeling I know. Every. Damn. Day.

A couple quick shots in the dark:

  • all devices are using WPA2-PSK, yes?
  • take the Client Wi-Fi devices out of the equation
    • what happens when you hardwire a Client to the Mango LAN ports?

Obligatory make backup, ssh into $device before we really f— some sh!t up:

Flint, not Flint2, my bad!

What channel is your 2.4Ghz set for on the Flint (and ergo on the Mango as it will lock to the same channel when used in extender mode?) If it’s on Auto, try changing to 1, 6 or 11 on the Flint and see what happens.

Also diagnostically, keeping the Mango on a different SSID until you sort it out might help.

To build on @limbot 's suggestions, this may be helpful for troubleshooting: