Flint2 stuck/not working physical reset button

I noticed that my Flint2 physical reset button is stuck/not working when it arrived. I have email their support but I haven’t received any response yet. Owners, check your physical button, see if it works. Something is not right here.

Mine worked with no problem at all.

it also doesn’t work if you unplug power hold reset and then plug the power cable?, like going in u-boot?

I only had this once with enabling WED manually that it got stuck in a boot loop, only very early timing would make it work in such scenario otherwise it will not react due the bootlooping process.

Does the indicator blink when you press the reset button?

The indicator doesn’t blink when I press it.

I guess I’m screwed with GLiNet. I wanted mine sent for repair but nobody from their team has responded.

Hi,Can you please share your email address with me?

done/sent via message