Flint2 WAN VLAN configuration for ISP telephony


My ISP provides internet / telephony using VLANs (835 for internet and 837 for telephony).

I have successfully configured internet PPPoE by specifying the credentials and the VLAN ID as shown below:

For telephony a separate VLAN must be used 837 with DHCP and specific client id.

Does the gli-net router support these settings so I can bind say eth5 to the VOIP vlan and connect an IP phone on it?

Regarding the VLAN of the Ethernet port (including WAN and LAN) does not support at the present.

However, there is no need to be disappointed. We are currently collecting requirements, and if there is a lot of feedback about it, will also consider developing this feature. Thanks.

Thanks. If I were to configure the interfaces from within Lucy, would that break functionalities in your GUI ?

I would also have need for this as my ISP provides internet and IPTV on different VLANs

Just try it. Add/modify the VLAN from WAN of LuCI probably break WAN configurations of GUI. But that is no problem, just reset the firmware if occur something wrong.