Flip WAN/LAN of Brume 2

Is it possible to flip / program the WAN/LAN of the Brume 2 so they switch places? WAN becomes LAN and LAN becomes WAN?

Honestly I have zero idea, why GLInet chose to give WAN 2.5Gbit and LAN 1Gbit instead the other way around. It makes zero sense. You cant make any use of the 2.5GBit WAN, but the other way you totally could, if you use Multi-WAN (WAN 1Gbit + USB3 tethering) and then route it over a 2.5Gbit LAN.

There just seems to be the option to change WAN to LAN so you have two LAN. I am sure it would be possible to program the above though if GLinet would implement/allow it.

I’m basing this on a Slate AX running firmware 4.4.6-release1. The Burme 2 may be slightly different.

So the 2.5GbE is eth0 == WAN while eth1 == 1GbE == LAN by default. Modify /etc/config/network accordingly around line 41 to ‘invert’ that:

config interface 'wan'
        option device 'eth0'
        option proto 'dhcp'
        option force_link '0'
        option ipv6 '0'
        option metric '10'
        option peerdns '0'

You’ll probably need to nix eth1 from the bridge but attach eth0 to it, ~line 11:

config device
        option name 'br-lan'
        option type 'bridge'
        list ports 'eth1'
        list ports 'eth2'
        option ipv6 '0'

/etc/init.d/network reload should kick it into effect.

Here’s a practical primer if you’ve never ssh’d into or edited on a Linux box:


Just in case SSH isn’t your thing, I was able to do it using the Advanced Settings GUI on my Brume 2.

I opened the Advanced Settings GUI, and selected Network/Interfaces.

On the Interfaces Tab, I selected ‘edit’ on the WAN Interface, and changed the Device from eth0 to eth1 and saved (NOT Save and Apply at the bottom).

I then selected the Devices Tab. On the Devices Tab, I selected ‘configure’ on the br-lan device. Then I selected the Bridge Ports dropdown where I unchecked eth1 and checkmarked eth0 and saved.

Then I selected Save & Apply, and physically swapped the Ethernet cables around.


For others: GL GUI → System → Advanced Settings → LuCI’s default password is the same as used to log onto the GL GUI.


Thank you very much. Is that really all? Will this then automatically change the GLInet web interface too? That all settings flip? and everything else is working as if you just flipped wan and lan? just switch the lan cables and everything works as before? Nothing else to do or something not working anymore with doing this? All still working afterwards, VPN, Wireguard, firewall rules, status information in web interface and so on? If it is that easy, why is there no toggle button in the GLinet web interface to flip WAN/LAN. They need to give that option.

IDK; I’ve never needed to do it. Worst case scenario is the GL GUI no longer properly reflects what’s going on ‘under the hood.’ It’s easy enough to revert back yet again/undo if needed.

I don’t see much of a reason for GL to care about a GUI option; it’s still ultimately bound by the 1GbE as its the ‘weakest link in the chain’/bottleneck in the Burme 2.

Pretty sure the GUI won’t reflect the change.

Well, then it is totally useless. Of course I want the GLInet web interface still work with everything. VPN both OpenVPN wireguard client and server, policies, firewall, routing, DHCP, Multi-WAN, EVERYTHING.

What meaning does the above change have if nothing is working then with it?

No, it is not. As I explained. Using Multi-WAN 1gbit + USB 3.0 tether with 4G/5G would be >= 2Gbit for example being used. So it totally makes sense WAN is 1gbit and LAN 2.5Gbit, not the other way around.

my guess is try it. :slight_smile:

from what i’ve observed in the scripts in /usr/bin/ is that most is affected br-lan and br-wan(for flint2) or br-guest if these keeps remained the same I don’t think it would cause huge issues.

it will though if lan had br-lan.1 even though with the iptables wildcard for br-+ but I think this is because of nfttables, so if its only swapping eth0 and eth1 inside the bridges, I think it should be fine still.

It’ll work but it’s still ultimately pointless. WAN/2.5 GbE → LAN/1 GbE is the same as WAN/1 GbE → LAN/2.5 GbE in this case. There’s only two ports.

You did mention tethering.

What… Read my initial post maybe again. Do you know what multi-wan is and load balance?

Would be bad, if GLInet used hard coded eth0 and eth1 though in their scripts and not using the network configuration with interface names.

Glinet easily could implement a switch in their web interface to flip WAN/LAN which would have an important use case.

yup you are right that is a possibility, I also edited it a little (also with location where most of the scripts are), I think the most important is to keep the bridge devices as how they are for the interfaces wan and lan, only swap the DSA devices in the bridges.

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Nah, It would be 1 Gbps for 1st uplink and whatever-5G-can-do Gbps for the 2nd uplink.
It does not add up.

Nah, I’m done with this punk. Let this mouthy sh!thead find out on his own if he thinks the SOC will do full duplex.

I got good news :smiley:

I have followed the following steps:

  1. luci → network → interfaces → devices → br-lan edit → bridged devices (remove eth1 put eth0) and click save.
  2. click tab interfaces in luci → network → interfaces, and edit wan and changing the device to from eth0 to eth1
  3. force and apply (unchecked)

then I changed the cables and it works, the web ui boots up, the clients also show up.

the vpn and such I have not tested yet.

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Of course they’d show up; the if names are virtual assignments. Remapping ports doesn’t affect them. What GL does with them elsewhere is a different question.

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Not sure what youre talking about, of course they add up:

< chuckle >