FLIT AX-1800 WIfi is not working.

The configuration of wireless is correct. Please check these problem phenomenon:

  1. what the exactly means of not working? Is the phone can not see the wifi or can see the wifi but cannot connect to the wifi? or else?

2.Check if the power supply voltage and current match the device, you can take a photo of the power supply’s label and upload here.

Did you install the “upgrade” of death?

The SSID is set to display, but the SSID is not displayed as set.

Even if you change the SSID in the current firmware version, the SSID will not be changed to the one before the firmware update.

The SSID that is released is disclosed before the firmware upgrade, and access is not possible.
Even if the guest WIFI SSID is enabled, the SSID is not displayed.

I upgraded the firmware from 3X to 4.X.

I see, I’ve been having similar issues but on 4.4.5

You can try to reset the router. Then reconfigure it.

I upgraded the firmware and did a reset, but this did not solve the problem.

just to be sure, reset is firmware reset (factory settings)

You can go back to firmware 4.23 which went through normal Beta testing first…
Version 4.45 did not…BTW I noticed they pulled the snapshots for 4.45 and 4.50
and are no longer available for direct download…

Better hurry up and download 4.23 if you want it before they pull it…

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I upgraded the firmware from 3.X firmware to 4.X…

Even if you modify the SSID, the SSID used in 3.X is exposed as it is.

I am asking if there is a way to reset the firmware back to 3.X.

I downgraded 4.23 but the situation is the same.

You should do a reset of the firmware after 4.23 is loaded…Then reconfigure all your settings…
If it still doesn’t work at that point then you could have a hardware issue.

You can go back to 3.x version if you wish…Download the 3.x version manually…Then you’ll have to upgrade the firmware though UBOOT (Not the normal way using the interface). You’ll have to set a PC to a static IP of and plug a ethernet cord plugged directly from the PC to the Flint router…

Here’s the instructions to enter UBOOT…Once there you can flash the 3.x firmware…You will lose all settings when you do this and you will have to reconfigure…

  1. unplug from wall power have only one ethernet cable plugged in
  2. change computer to static ip of 192.168.1.x( anything up to 254 and not 1)
    holding the power button or reset button plug the power back into wall and keep holding power reset button till light goes solid.(if you let go it will not work)
  3. enter into a private widow browser.

You will see the UBOOT screen at this point you can upload your 3.x firmware.
Once done reboot…And you will have to reconfigure all settings…Do not restore settings from 4.x verison.

isn’t that… the same way to get to v4 from v3

I think so…It’s been so long since I’ve been on 3.x I can’t remember…

We shouldn’t’ have to mess about for days like this. Why did you give us completely untested firmware?
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