Force Spitz to always start up with wireless disabled?

Hello all

The Spitz router preserves the previous state of the WiFi (enabled or disabled) after recycling the power.
Is there a way to force the Spitz to always start up when powered on with WiFi disabled?

Thanks in advance.

What settings have you done?
I tried 4.x firmware, GL.iNet download center
it can persist in the wifi disabled state.

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe it’s not clear. What I’m after is to always start up the router with WiFi disabled. So if I have WiFi enabled and the power is cut off, after the power is restored, I want it to start up with WiFi disabled. Is that your observation?

I’m running the latest stable version, 3.217

Although I can’t help (although I think you can certainly control this via any config files) - may I ask why you need this feature?

Would appreciate to understand the use-case.

Not exactly.

It will keep the last config settings, if you want to always disable it, you can add a script to do that, for example
put command

uci set wireless.default_radio0.disabled='1'
uci set wireless.default_radio1.disabled='1'
uci commit wireless

in /etc/rc.local

Thanks. The router will be placed in a van and wireless availability is controlled remotely.

Thank you. This should do it.