Forget wan DNS on wireguard

Dear all,

I’m running ddwrt as client on a wireguard server from amother ddwrt router used as server, to connect 2 houses on the same tunnel.

Now I want to access the tunnel also on mobility, but from a source device instead of directly in the client device, as my corporate laptop doesn’t allow me to install a wireguard client.

So I bought a gl-inet gl-xe300c6, upgraded to the latest version. I’m connecting with a WiFi hotspot or usb tethering with my smartphone. I setup the wireguard client and it works GREAT.

Now, on dd-wrt in order to avoid any kind of DNS leaks, there is this option “forget WAN DNS”, that avoid any DNS resolved with the source, in my case the smartphone, so my mobile ISP DNS server, that of course must go hand in hand with setting an external DNS server such as, solely to resolve the ddns of the wireguard server.

I found how to setup the external DNS server, fine, but how can I completely forget the wan DNS just to be extremely sure?

Luci of open-wrt is installed, if needed.

Many thanks.

When you export your wireguard config, you have a DNS settings in the config.

So pls just try connecting wireguard with that DNS setting inside. Do not need to set up any customized DNS.

Then after Wireguard connected, just check using to see if you are using your wireguard dns only.

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