Found a UI bug on axt1800 (nextdns) beta4

hello there!,

I noticed a bug for version v4.0.0 of the axt1800.

When I go to dns settings so far changing the standard settings work, but when I select dns encryption and then try to fill in my nextdns data this form or button does not work.

I’m very happy to test this product, I love the new gui :slight_smile:


it seems only override dns settings work, rebind protection keeps getting turned on (I guess this one is known so far), and the edit hosts doesn’t save for me.

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Same, no address to select (cloud flare or next DNS )

I guess temporary workaround is to setup DNS over TLS inside adguard home

update - from pc browser, moving the cursor around the selection box reveals the selections

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Some bugs are fixed in beta8 now.

Still have bugs in DNS.


Thank you :+1:

just updated, so far nextdns works now, but turning off rebind protection only works when I applied nextdns but if I had my settings on automatic it does not.