Free alternatives to AstroRelay?

Hi all,
I’m using the GL iNet router as server Wireguard with AstroRelay (my ISP doesn’t give me the public IP). but AstroRelay shares 1GB for free then I have to pay. Is there some free alternatives to use in combination with Wireguard?

You could setup an Oracle Cloud Free Tier account, then create a free VPS and set it up as a relay. They give you 10TB of network data per month for free. Doing this may be difficult if you don’t have cloud, Linux and networking experience, but for me it works really well, and it has been totally free. I have used it for for years.

If you setup an OCI account, pick a region that has available free resources, as you cannot change your “free” region later.

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Tailscale should do the job as well.
If you don’t need Wireguard but just some secure connection, give ZeroTier a try.

Combine that with Headscale & you’ve got a powerful alternative to Tailscale or AstroRelay.

Hi bring.fringe18, thanks! can I install Headscale on OpenWrt? looks like it’s for Debian olny

I would say the binaries should work:

Just make sure to use the right architecture - so arm64 I guess.

If you have a different GL device that does get a public IP then I’d try @admon 's suggestion. Otherwise you need a VPS for Headscale. See @eric 's suggestion. If you don’t want to bother with a VPS then look into signing up for Tailscale. There’s a free tier of some sort.

There’s addn’l configuration needed if you want you use your GL device as the access to the Public Internet via your Tailscale/Headscale connected devices (eg: phones, tablets, etc. – ‘exit node’):

Hi admon,
at the end I get a try with ZeroTier and works 100% as I need, thanks a lot!

What so headscale works on the routers? or can it be put on ?