Full blown firewalling

Can any device do real firewalling like a pfsense please?
I.e. physical port or device outbound: udp, port 53 and to 2 IP addresses only

The current router uses iptables, you can manually create your own firewall rules to suit your needs.

Thank you.
Can that be done on a gui or is it command line please?

It can be done in Luci via gui. But know/understand that pf is very different in philosophy from iptables/nftables.

Thank you. Would there be a screenshot of firewall options or a free demo gui pls?

Luci is included in the “advanced” section of the firmware. As far as options, again you’re going to need to understand how iptables/nftables (the firewall in Linux) works as opposed to pf (the firewall in BSD).

It sounds like what you want to do is go to the “Network->Firewall” page in Luci, select the “Traffic Rules” tab and add some rules.

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Thank you, just ordering a Flint and will experiment