Functionality with Mullvad VPN?

Hi, I have the dl.inet mango router for VPN use, I have always used OVPN through importing config files or using the UI within the gl.inet app. However I’m thinking of trying Mullvad for a change but I’d like to ask about functionality within the app and router admin pages. With OVPN there is a separate section for config files to standard servers and another section for config files of multihop servers, from what I understand all Mullvad servers can be linked for multihop, but how? Does it work best through the gl.inet app or the admin interface? How do you select to use the post quantum specific servers? Sorry for so many questions I just don’t want to buy the subscription then realise its more complicated than expected. If anyone could give me a smoothbrain friendly rundown of how it goes then I’ll happily send you a few $ worth of buttcorns (message me your wallet ID) Thank you.

Take a look at this URL:

“Easiest way is to use our WireGuard configuration generator and enable Multihop in the Advanced settings.”

Note that there is a GL.iNet bug that not all >700 Mullvad servers can be imported together, but you can manually import each config.

You can buy 1 month Mullvad to try out for <$10.

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Manually import 700 config files? I’ll die from old age before that is finished.
Would it be possible for me to split the zip file into two files with 350 configs in each and then separately importing both files? Thanks

GL.iNet has stated they are working on a bug fix. Are you currently using 700 servers for OpenVPN?

The GL.iNet direct Mullvad import only requires entering your account number, so it may not even work with the WireGuard configuration generator. I don’t currently have an Mullvad account to confirm since I only bought 1 month to try it out some time ago.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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No but I’m using all the standard and multihop servers OVPN has since they can be imported as a zip without issue. If the issue is due to such a large number being imported then would my idea of two 350 config zips work? I do intend to try the included Mullvad GUI but I don’t know if that lets you choose multihop start and end designation or if it lets you choose the post quantum secure server. If anyone with an active Mullvad account could let me know then I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks

I imagine the app will be fairly basic and if it doesn’t support multihop + post quantum configuration then it will be no good meaning the only other option is to import and self configure but I can’t since import is broken. The obvious answer would be to just use their dedicated app but I use a firewall that takes up the VPN ability built into Android so I can’t run both apps at once and even with a kill switch its still going to leak if the app controlling the switch crashes

3.212 snapshot has fixed the bug to pull Mullvad on the firmware. It just takes around 20 minutes to pull.


So if I manually upgrade the firmware to 3.212 then it should be ok? I’ve never done manual upgrade but they have it for Mango so I’ll give it a try. Could you post a screenshot of what the Mullvad UI is like with the app integration? The ability to use multihop and post quantum are the main things I’m after. Thanks

This may be of interest to you regarding using NordVPN Wireguard on a router:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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You can upgrade manually.

The UI is the same but the API will not timeout.

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I shall try to manually upgrade tonight, hopefully I don’t turn it into a paperweight by mistake lol. I appreciate it will look the same but what actually does it look like to begin with? I know how the OVPN one looks when I sign in through the glinet app using my username and password but I don’t know what the Mullvad one looks like since I haven’t yet registered an account

I don’t have any interest in Nord since they give away 75% of the value and constantly spam adverts, in my informed opinion NordVPN is the LEAST safe/secure/private VPN service out there. And I’m not worried about them suing me for saying that because I’m behind OVPN multihop