Mullvad VPN and wireguard

WireGuard lists all the servers yet stops after abour 200. The USA are not listed as a server to choose from on the automatic install.

Any idea how to install the USA servers in Wireguard on the Glinet router ?

Easiest is to download the configs from Account | Mullvad and install them manually.

I believe someone else mentioned the issue with the enumeration of locations being cut off and that it’s been looked into. (Functionality with Mullvad VPN? - #6 by alzhao)

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I also don’t think they are in squential order and they are grouped by server location, for instance my MallVad server list ends us241 and I had to hunt to find us249. I have 480 Mullvad wireguard servers installed and are grouped first by region then location.

The app is also easy to setup Mullvad WireGaurd in router.

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3.212 beta3 and newer fixed the problem.

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