Gargoyle firmware on GL-MT300N

I bought a GL-MT300N and I should receive it in this week. I would like to know if it’s possible to flash into it the gargoyle firmware… maybe the last experimental version for Nexx WT3020 (it also has MT7020) that is possible to find here:

It should work, although I didn’t try.

Can I know why you want to use “Gargoyle ”, say, what features do you want?

I would like the opportunity to create multiple ssid (like dd-wrt) or at least to have a “guest network” vap (like gargoyle) without going to the advance settings.

I would also like to see bandwidth and web usage stats and QoS in the main UI.

Maybe I said something wrong, or that’s already in the default firmware UI… this because I still have not the box in my hands.

For me gargoyle is the right mix between basic and advanced, tough my favorite firmware is dd-wrt.


Maybe I’ll be able to say something more when I’ll be able to try all the default firmware features.


If you want QoS, yes Gargoyle maybe good for you.

DDWRT also works on GL-MT300N: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet


How can you return to the original GL-I firmware?

The update within DD-WRT does not work.






The solution is in:




I found the dd-wrt version to be “mini”. For my interests in VPN servers and DNS/DHCP it is nearly useless. Also had trouble keeping it up without crashing. Went back to the unloved but functional Openwrt where OpenVPN client is a snap to use. Now I just need to get PPTP server working. If and when it does my dedicated MT300N will Openvpn outward (over the WAN which is plugged into the back end of my main router) and PPTP in. IP hiding being the primary goal, this is good enough for me as the vast majority of routers and Android phones support PPTP client out of the box but not OpenVPN. Have a sort of prototype working using Wireless into the back end (LAN) of the MT300N while Openvpn client has control of the WAN. If all that works, will consider recreating it with Gargoyle which from the small amount I have seen has a better UI for this. Fun project, but time consuming.

For what it’s worth I’m running DD-WRT Build 31571 (3/4/17) on my MT300N. I use this as a SmartDNS router as the processor just isn’t up to par for openvpn. It’s been up for a while running very stable with good speeds.

Dos that version of DD-WRT have PPTPd, L2TPd, and/or OpenVPNd server support?

@BoredBob, any update to @Robert’s questions?

I have a version 1, and I installed on it recently (after following the instructions here: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet).

It has OpenVPN, and I get around 6 Mbps with it. Which is comparable to my OpenVPN speeds with even full-size routers like the WNDR4500v2 and DD-WRT, it’s pretty processor intensive.

Generally as a rule of thumb, DD-WRT images that are over 4 megabytes in size will have OpenVPN. While those under almost never will.

I find DD-WRT easier to work with. To clarify on the above setup, I have the mt300n setup as a “repeater/access point” and a VPN. So I can use it to create a new WiFi network that uses OpenVPN, which comes in handy when trying to Netflix while traveling.

I’m hoping that GLi will offer similar DD-WRT support or workarounds for their newer hardware, too. Every little bit of CPU helps when using a VPN on these travel routers, and a 580mhz to 650mhz jump would be welcome.

I bought this device thinking it should work with Gargoyle.
Please, are you able to flash Gargoyle on it? If yes, can you show me how.
Thank you.

You need to ask on their forums here:

GL only offers support for their own firmware and basic OpenWRT firmware related questions :slight_smile: