Get Signal Quality with API

Hi, I am IT developer and i want to know what is the best way to keep the current signal quality of my router.A good solution could be APIs but GoodCloud does not have Developer tools.

So if someone has an idea.

Thanks a lot

How many devices do you have? Maybe you can just use the firmware API?

Hello, thanks for your answer but what is the username and password ? The same as my GoodCloud login ?

Sorry but not working, your documention needs a LAN connexion, but my routeurs have their own network with SIM card.

What I want is get datas as in GoodCloud dashboard to get the signal intensity of my routers at my customer house but with API .


The username is root. the password as same as the admin password of your router that also be used login router admin panel web.

Sorry, GoodCloud have not pubilc API yet.

Maybe you can write a script running in router? It call the firmware API and report the current signal quality to your server.