Getting 0 upload speed on VPN Client via router on Windows/Android

Problem - upload speed keeps coming 0 w/VPN. Speedtest without VPN shows about 3-20 mbps upload speed, avg 12 ish.
Notes Newer phone and windows also show 0 upload.
Not sure where to begin, thank God it’s working on iPhone/MacBook and even one of my older Androids so I can’t figure out what the issue is.

Interim solution -

  1. MacBook/old iPhone/very old Samsung shows 5-12 ish upload speed w/VPN connected router
    FYI - download is really good so not sure what’s going on.
  2. WireGuard directly works fine… so it’s the routers or clients connected to the WG VPN client router having the problem it seems.

Notes I am in UAE right now, and not sure if the service here just dropped off badly for mobile connections as I am not seeing the problem when I am connected to 5g via router

The router’s I am using: Clients - Mango and AX1800. VPN WG server AX1800.

How do you use “Wireguard directly” on the phone / pc?
Via the WireGuard app or by using the VPN providers app?

thx for the quick response: WireGuard app on my Android phones

Config is exactly the same?

That is correct, yes.
…adding some random words to meet the 20 char min notice :stuck_out_tongue: