Getting kicked out of Goodcloud when trying to switch to America region

I login through and when attempting to switch region to America Goodcloud kicks me out to login page. When I enter my login/pass combo I get a message that Login Failed.

You are not alone. My Site to site network went down yesterday morning and I was unable to set it back up last night and now I cannot even login in. America as well.

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Just because the upgrade of server, it’s OK right now.

I can login now but site to site is still saying server error and will not initialize.

I also can access dashboard and American region but can’t get access to web Admin panel

What’s your username in GoodCloud? Is it OK with remote ssh?

I can get in web admin only tried 1 of 32 routers. I still can not get site to site to work. Not sure what to do except wait and see. I looked around for a goodcloud status page but did not find one.

username - rulevoy. Same issue with SSH. Can’t connect.

I have checked the permission of your account and it’s fine.Would you mind sharing your device to me? My username in GoodCloud is yongping

Shared. Let me know how it goes. Thanks

Site to Site still is not working. For me anyway.


Does the feature of remote ssh/web work in your account now?

We will check it in our side.

On some others say that I do not have permission. I have 30 x750v2 and 2 brume W’s.

Just tried again to setup site to site and it gives the above error.

Seem the error of time out happened when find the main node of your device, we need some time to analysis the bug.

I had been using the site to site for a few weeks. I was using 7 locations without issue before it went down and I have never been able to get it back up.

We have found out the bug and plan to fix it in the next release version within days.

Any update on this?



We had already fixed the issue, please login GoodCloud to try it again.