Getting started with AR300M -- DLNA and iPhone connection

Hi, I’ve just ordered an AR300M and after reviewing the documentation I have some questions about setup before it arrives tomorrow. Thank you in advance for any help and information!

My goal is to use it while traveling to:
(1) create a private wireless network in the car for 3-5 iPad and iPhone devices
(2) share a video library on USB flash drive connected to AR300M with LAN clients in the car
(3) share iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 12) wireless network (4G or LTE) with LAN clients
(4) connect to hotel LAN (or wifi) to create private wireless in room for multiple devices

I know all these can be done, but I am not sure about some details.

For #2, I plan to either install minidlna using these instructions – is this the right approach? (As an alternative, I may just use a Raspbian Pi PLEX server, but this requires more setup and equipment of course.)

For #3, it looks like USB/tethered and wifi repeating can both work for sharing the iPhone internet? Which is better option, for ease of use or for performance? Repeating seems simpler since Personal Hotspot on iPhone will look like any other wireless access to the AR300M, right? I have read some people had problems tethering with iPhone, but this could be due to older firmwares or user error. What is the advantage to tethering?

Lastly, should I update the firmware right away? Will this help with my specific usage scenario above? It looks like version 3 is available for AR300M only in the “testing” directory - is this considered stable enough for use?

I’m excited to get my AR300M setup! Thanks for any thoughts for feedback.

Just my opinion:

  1. I would activate your phone’s hotspot and do it that way. Not sure about performance but by far the easiest to set up.
  2. (firmware) I am testing V3 and since the VPN leaks were fixed on Build 1024, it seems fine (stable and safe).

It’s funny, I got the phone connection to work with tethering, but not repeating. It’s seem to work fine so that is OK.
Overall I’m liking the device a lot. The default PNP sharing is working really well with Infuse as a client player. I may not bother with mini DLNA or Plex (yet!)