Getting time mismatch with GL 750s router

I am starting to use my GLiNet 750 slate router for remote astrophotography. My need is to have the router drive the network connection between my Pi unit (with the mount’s operating system) and my MacBook. (I am connecting on the GLiNet network with no Ethernet to my MacBook).

For the most part this is working fine, the issue is that every time that I connect the router between the Pi unit and MacBook I am seeing a considerably outdated time and date.

Since I am connected over the GLiNet connection is it unable to drive the updated time?

I don’t have this same issue when connected to my home network.

Any ideas on the best way to have this register up to date time?

Does the router has Internet in this case? Can you show some images so thazt I understand what is the outdate time and date?