Getting un-secure page when trying to log in to Admin

What is this? i was having problems connecting to the internet so i decided to log into my admin panel and saw this page instead of the normal log-in page.

Could be DNS poisoning, DNS spoofing. Is more likely a bad cached DNS or a recent browser add-on made some changes.

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A quick google search shows that the page you got is for a HUAWEI S7700 series switch:

So you found your way to the main campus/dorm/uni/office/apartment switch…

Your network admin made a boo boo and you are seeing the login page, or you connected directly to the switch and it happens to use the same IP.

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If you disconnect all WAN side connections (unplug the cable and press and hold the reset button for 3s to reset the network if you are using repeater). Do you still see this screen when you access again?
If it no longer appears, try modifying the LAN subnet before reconnecting to the Internet.

Huawei is also using So pls check if you are connected to huawei directly and it could just direct you to its adamin page.

I’m having an issue with un-secure admin page/panel login. Pressed reset for 3 sec on the router, cleared cache on my web browser (firefox) and in terminal. Closed and reopened firefox.

Still appears. What to try next?

Does un-secure mean the warning to the left of the browser address bar? This is only because you are using http access or https access but do not have a trust certificate. In a LAN, this is usually not a real problem.

This is just normal for http. Pls check

While this is good if you visit a remote website, it is not a problem for the router because you access it locally.

Thanks for the reply and reassurance :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and reassurance!