Getting wan address from dhcp axt1800 v4.2.1

Gl-axt1800 ver 4.2.1 install by webadmin gui ‘no keep’ settings

wan ethernet 192.168.1.x
login to weba admin via ethernet and change router lan network from to
router wait for lanchange.
reboot router
reboot router from web admin interface.
client is given 192.168.1.x dhcp address after reboot
user must drop ethernet-unplug to receive lan 192.168.20.x address via dhcp

every time

Behaving like drop-in gateway mode or entire switch has lan-wan bridged during reboot.
Yes i reflashed from local install.

Restart computer or flush computers DNS will force it to refresh DHCP lease

yes I tired those. client machine error. Had multiple same brand usb ethernet adapters. guessing the usb driver in the client machine might have been saving the cached last known connected address and could only use the other devices . When router cycled it default to it if the other card . drove me nuts. it just so happened to be on the wan side. my great luck. no bridging was between the two obviously.

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So when you reboot the router, the lan and wan cable are connected, right?
Does the client has Interent access or not?

When you see the client is given 192.168.1.x IP address, can you disconnect and reconnect the cable to the LAN and check if the IP is renewed?

There was a similar bug in other routers that the router bridges wan and lan during boot. Not sure if this was in AXT1800 but it looks like that case.