[github] WiFi Portal detection for OpenWrt and GL.iNet routers


When you use VPN, DNS Cloudflare and DNS Rebinding Attack Protection in GL.iNet routers, you may not be able to access the portal authentication page.

This project aims to handle this type of situation without leaking your data. It automatically detects portal AP, allowing authentication pages to pass firewall and DNS authentication without changing the DNS and VPN function manually. After the authentication is complete, the normal policy is restored.

We decided to make it opensource. Feel free to test and modify the code here https://github.com/gl-inet/portal-detection.



I deal with the use of Shadowsocks, patch submission at https://github.com/gl-inet/portal-detection/commit/f465088c498d1b555629f6428a272b88ef154a3b

Hi All,

Im in need for the portal detect but i don’t quite understand based on this GitHub page what to do and how to install this on a AR750Slate. As im travelling tuesday again i hope someone can help install or point me in the right direction… is there a more detailed howto for example ?