Gl-200 sending UDP packets from a computer to a end device


I’ve purchased a GL-S200 and while I await for it. I thought I would ask for a clarification for the documentation.

I can see there are some “curl” commands with some json strings. Is it possible to send a raw UDP packet as well?

Or just using the same syntax is ok?

curl isn't the right tool for that. See How to send only one UDP packet with netcat? - Stack Overflow

Thanks Admon for your response. You’re correct curl isn’t the right command.

To further explain what I want to do with this device. Is for it to act as a gateway between the two networks.

I’ll have a computer app / phone app that can send UDP commands to the router (ip:port) and then sends either multicast / unicast packets to the thread network. (IPv6:port)

I still don’t have the device and I’m unsure how to do exactly this.

In addition I would expect to be able to query devices.

From the docs overview, it does look like all of this is possible. But unsure of the exact mechanisms to do so.

You will need to write an app for that.

So basically it is not possible.

Hello Admon,

Can you clarify what you mean?

Do you mean there needs to be an app on the router. Or you mean the computer/phone app is not possible?

I think once the device arrives I’ll be able to have better questions. Right now I’m just information gathering without any device.

I would say you need some custom app on the router itself.

What is the use case anyway?

Basically I have a handful of thread devices that respond to UDP. I have a USB dongle that can already join a thread network and send and receive commands.

However, I want to try and extend that to a router where a computer on the network can send a UDP packet to the router then the router forwards that to the thread network and then replies as well.

Maybe you want to check homeassistant as frontend.
Works with Home Assistant - GL.iNet IoT Docs ... I like to understand everything in the basic as well. But maybe it is easier to understand the basics with a full featured frontend as well...

Just as an idea.

Hey, Small update.

I have device now, I'm able to connect and disconnect from networks.

This feature has been removed in the latest firmware and does not work anymore, Only stating that there are network errors.


Features that work well are:

  1. Getting a known network key and connecting to a network, this is functional.
  2. Creating a network and then adding Joiners to the network, this is functional.

Things that I still need to test are :

Sending custom UDP packets to known thread devices on the network (Just pending some time to look deeper into the issue)

The device not being able to act as a joiner is a little bit of a disappointment, However the other features are good enough.