GL-300M-V2 Firmware 3.022 Feedback

Was having issues with WiFi dropping out and Alfie suggested I go to 3.022.

That’s certainly fixed my issue however a couple of things

I’ve noticed a spelling error :slight_smile: In the “VPN Policy”, “Please Choose Policy” there’s a spelling mistake :slight_smile: “Domain/IP Baesd

As some other feedback ( and I haven’t yet had a chance to try it) the VPN Policy looks like a great function. Means hopefully you can throw say just your Netflix box through the VPN based on MAC or maybe (as I say I haven’t tried it), just through the VPN which hopefully works :slight_smile:

The Captive portal looks good too for those who want to give say the clients “free” internet in a shop or similar.

More feedback as I dig and play deeper hopefully :slight_smile:

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As it happens in all the firms of the series, it does not recognize the 4TB HDD.

This does not happen with the 2.271 firm in which at least my 4TB HDD works perfectly and I can use it as an SMB and FTP server.