GL-300M VPN Server with Hilink LTE

Hi guys,

i have a problem with my new GL-300M-V2.

I want to reach all connected Clients (DHCP) on LAN-Interface ( on my GL-300M-V2 ( via VPN-Server Wireguard or OpenVPN.

So i build the WireGuard Server on the GL-300M-V2, export config and import config on windows client.
Looks good, the connection is ok, i can reach fromy my windows wireguard client all LAN-devices for example which are connected to GL-300M-V2 LAN.
In these example the GL-300M-V2 was after a Speedport Router, so i forward port 51820 UDP to the WAN-IP of GL-300M-V2.

But now comes the problem, i want to use the GL-300M-V2 portable with an 4G-Stick.
After i look in compatible list, i see the Huawei E3372.
Setting up the Huawei E3372 (HiLink) to another ip-subnet ( and enable tethering on the GL-300M-V2 will give access to the internet.
The problem now, i dont find an solution to forward the port 51820 UDP on the Huawei Stick to the GL-300M-V2 WAN-IP. It's ***** HiLink Software, and i cant forward ports.
I search the whole day to an custom HiLink WEBUI to forward ports, but nothing found.

So anyone has an idea to make the LAN-devices on gl-300m-v2 (over Huawei E3372) reachable from another network?

Even if you can do port forward you may not be able to access like a fix line, because when using a SIM card, your carrier may not give you a public IP address.

We do have another solution but still under development.

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Depending on the Carrier/APN’s - they may not allow incoming connections, period…

APN/Rateplan has a lot to do with the carrier policies.

I bought yesterday a second GL-300M to build via GoodCloud an site-to-site VPN.

I think it will be ok, because the second GL-300M hasn’t a simcard, it has normal isp with public ip and ddns.

A little update:

The S2S works like a charm.
I customize the policy in GoodCloud Site2Site so the customer site can not access the gw site.

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