GL-A1300 cannot reset

Just bought a new GL-A1300, but i cannot log in since the web page is stuck in the Admin Password login so i cannot create a new password, or does the GL-A1300 have a default password???

It does not have a default password. A new or reset device should provide a page for setting the administrator password.

it does not, i have tried several times, or what do you mean " A new or reset device…"???

Are you sure you are connected to this new A1300 and not another device? If you have a VPN on your client, turn it off temporarily.
Do you have any plug-ins on your browser? Can you try it in the InPrivate mode of your phone or browser?

I have tried with my phone using the scanning code , still defaults to admin login page, tried in a Mac machine, safari, firefox same result, PC explorer, Chrome same result… what do you mean “Private Mode”?

say chrome incognito window.

Do you have a photo or screenshot? that can help us troubleshoot the issue.

regardless to what i do it defaults to this, now i tried the uboot way the led light flashes continously and nothing happens

A new A1300 should be like this when first-time access.

To use uboot to fix this, ref to this link Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs.
There is no description of the led state yet, will be added. When the uboot web is turned on, the led will indeed keep flashing.