GL-A1300 cannot send traffic over wireguard when IP masquerading is disabled

I am trying to make a site-to-site VPN and use GL-A1300 as a wireguard client.
If I enable IP masquerading in the options from VPN Dashboard, traffic is reachable between the sites, but if I disable IP masquerading, the traffic seems to be blocked at GL-A1300.
How should I configure GL-A1300 when I want to disable IP masuerading?
Thanks for your advice in advance!

Why do you need to disable IP masuerading?
I’m trying to understand this use case and see if it’s possible.

If you disable IP masquerading, you may need to set the subnet of both side to the same.

Thanks a lot for the reply.
Below is the topology that I have. The use case is making private 4G network, whre base stations and core network elements communicate by using static pair of IP address/port. If address translation is executed between the elements, they cannot communicate with each other properly. Hope this clarifies what I want to achieve by using GL-A1300.

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Can you clairfy which “two site” do you mean?

I assume the two site means 4G base station and 4G core network. So
Most likely your need two extra settings to make it work:

  1. add route to network via wireguard tunnel for 4G core network.
  2. add allowip for network at wireguard server(docker).