[GL-A1300] DDNS Test Failing - Port Forwarding activated on ISP Router

Hi folks, I purchased 2 Slate Plus. One to use as my Wireguard Server (connected to my ISP router at home) and the other one for travelling purposes as my Wireguard Client to ensure I always use my home ISP public IP address. So far so good.

I did setup my Wireguard Server as well as the Client routers with the dynamic DNS configs and enabled dynamic DNS, I did also forward the standard suggested DDNS port from the admin panel on my ISP router both for UDP as well as TCP. But somehow I still get the following error message when doing the DDNS test:

“The IP from DDNS domain resolution is not the same as the WAN IPs of the device. You need an Internet Public IP address to use the Dynamic DNS. If this router is behind NAT, you may need to set up port forward in your ISP router. If you have VPN Client enabled, please disabled “Services from GL.iNet Use VPN” in the global options.”

When I try following command:

nslookup myDNS.glddns.com ddns.glddns.com

I am getting a request timed out.

Can anyone help me solve this?

TLDR: Enabled Port Forwarding on ISP Router, DDNS Test failing.

Which ports did you forward in your ISP?

51820 internal and external port. Both for UDP and TCP

Also here a screenshot that I just took.
Does the Interface WAN IP really have to be the same as my public IP in order for this to work?

What’s you Internet connection? If 4G/5G you cannot access your ISP router because it’s being NATed.

Does the Interface WAN IP really have to be the same as my public IP in order for this to work?

No it doesn’t.

For now ignore the DDNS test result, and try to access ISP modem from the Internet… is it working?

These ports are for Wireguard - I was asking which ports did you enable to be able connect to the GL’s Web interface from the Internet side?

Use dig instead: dig @ yourDNS.glddns.com

How do I access my ISP router from the internet? As in how do I test this?

Maybe I misunderstood.

But the only ports that I enabled on my ISP router (to which my Wireguard Server GL.iNet router is connected to via Ethernet) are the ones required for Wireguard.

Are there any more ports that I would need to forward in order to have DDNS work?

Try to ping it make sure it is not being NATed by your ISP. Try to access it’s web interface. One you know it is reachable from the Internet then we can check the port forwarding to the next device.

So in order to do that I would need to connect from a device outside of my network right? And then ping the public IP shown by whatismyip for example?

dig does not work via command prompt

if I use just nslookup myDNS.glddns.com it does however seem to work.

Returns my public IP just fine


If nslookup works for you can ignore dig they are similar.