GL-A1300: How to set up so that WAN devices are reachable and vice versa


I just bought a GL-A1300 (Slate Plus).
Firmware 4.5.0, release9

I have a Fritzbox 7590 acting as router for the main network, IP

I want to to the following:

  • Use OpenVPN Client on the Slate, so that devices connected to it (either by LAN or WLAN) use the VPN
  • Devices connected to Slate should by able to see devices on the main network (Fritzbox, Most important is that a Raspberry Pi ( with a DLNA Server on it can be seen by a Smart TV connected to the Slate
  • The Slate admin panel should be accessible by devices in the main network

I think it is correct to connect the Slate with the Fritzbox via WAN port. But I have no idea what settings to tweak.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, connect Slate WAN to Fritzbox LAN.

Devices on Slate Plus LAN/WLAN should be able to use the VPN client simply by configuring the VPN client in the Slate VPN admin page.

To allow devices on Fritzbox LAN to talk with Slate Plus LAN see the recipe at Access devices behind GL-SFT1200 (Opal) from different local subnet. I think this may also allow the Slate admin panel to be accessed from the Fritzbox LAN.

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@ steep01 Thanks for your answer.

I made progress by using your link and

It looks like this in Network → Firewall now:

I also added a route in Fritzbox ( is the slate)

The Smart TV (behind the Slate) can access the internet now and uses the VPN which runs as OpenVPN on the Slate. The strange thing though is that there is no internet connection when I disable the VPN.

Another problem is devices behind the Slate plus can’t use DLNA but can ping It seems that getting DLNA to work over subnets is quite hard.

The other way round is interesting too: If my phone is in the Fritzbox wifi, I can’t see the Smart TV to connect to the Youtube App. Only if I use the Slate wifi (being in the same subnet as the Smart TV), the smart TV is visible in the Youtube App.

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Glad it is working for you.

I’m not sure why there is no internet connection, you might check if block non-von traffic is enabled in the VPN dashboard global options.

There are several network sharing protocols that don’t like routing. I don’t know how to fix that issue, maybe someone else might know.

That is the main reason that I finally disabled the wifi on my main router wifi and use only the wifi from the gl.inet router with the VPN policy by client device set for the Smart TV and other devices that I want to use the VPN. If I turn off the VPN client they just use the internet, and if I turn it on, they use the VPN. And all the other protocols, like Airplay, etc. work because all the devices are on the same subnet.

I did find very istructive :+1: