Gl a1300 -missing network mode

i got gl a1300 router and i was asking before support regarding the network mode ; so the a1300 can act as a router in following scenario -
it connects to the random wifi as a client ; and will act as a router mode?
ie i can conntect with my clients to a1300 via ethernet/wifi

The reason - i will run wireguard from a1300 ie all clients will be connected via wireguard tunnel on a1300.

i ordered router and its apparently not supported?


It is a general repeater mode.

@alzhao thanks seems its there,
but i cant see my 5g network there … only 2g is visible to be able to connect… the a1300 is 1m away from 2/5g router

all my devices are connected to that 5g with 100% singnal. so its strange?

The GL-A1300 Slate Plus may not support scanning for DFS channels in repeater mode.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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@wcs2228 ah i see, do u plan to implement it?

There is a post by @hansome in the thread that states it is a regulatory issue.

but how its possible other model supports it?

It is much easier just to change the channel of your wifi to 36 to 48 which are non DFS.

Otherwise you have to use luci to configure everything.