GL-A1300 only sees 2.4 GHz

My GL-A1300 only sees my wireless network/ssid at 2.4GHz. My Mac and Windows connect fine to the same SSID at 5 GHz. What is the issue and solution?

Which setting does the 5 GHz Wi-Fi use? 160 MHz for example?
Not all type of network settings are supported.

40 MHz, this is what my laptop is connected as.

I tried to upload the screen shot.

I guess that the GL-A1300 does not support 802.11ac
(Just a wild guess, don’t own one)

If that is the case, these will not be any good soon.

Just a wild guess.

It could be another issue as well. Which country did you buy the device?
Which country code is selected in luci?

Purchased in USA.
No country code that I can see in LUCI.

Could you try to set the country code to US for testing?

Sure, where is that set exactly?

Choose the 5 GHz one.

Only one ssid shows up and that is 2.4
The country is already set on US
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