Gl a1300 - power via laptop ports?

is it possible to power that device using my hp elitebook 840 usb port? or its bad idea?
the laptop has standard usb ports or usb c port; but usb c i think is for charging in laptop?


There are a number of versions of the HP EliteBook 840 laptops over the years (my company provided me a G1 or G2 version around 2011/2012).

If you have a recent version, then check the specs for USB output with PD (power delivery).

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@wcs2228 u are right sorry, its g6

Looking at the G6 specs, I have doubts that the laptop will provide consistent power for the GL-A1300, especially under load or if you plug in a USB drive. The router’s supplied power adapter is rated 15 watts, although it may normally use somewhat less, but better to allow for a bit more.

The router’s supplied power adapter is rated 15 watts, although it may normally use somewhat less.

If you’re not plugging something in, it will always use substantially less. I’ll run the numbers in a couple of hours, but you’re probably looking at more like 3W.

Basically if you can run an external hard drive on your USB port, you can run one of these routers (as long as you’re not chaining things on past the router). All of this fear mongering about needing a 5V/4A source is getting out of hand.

He never said routers need a 5V/4A source.

Right, sorry. He said that it comes with a 5V/3A source. He said he doubted that a standard USB-A or C port on a laptop would be able to power the A1300, a device which uses about 2.5W at full power. Which I suppose could be tight on a spec USB2 port, but would certainly be fine on a spec USB3 one. As long as the laptop wasn’t produced during the Bush administration, I’m guessing the OP will be fine.

That said, my frustration was aimed less at this post and more at the general over-specification of power budgets for these devices, which happens on here not infrequently.

so does it mean it can power a1300 via usb3 port?

what is OP?


OP is original poster in this case.

And yes, you’re going to be fine running it from a USB port on your laptop. I ran my A1300 on the USB port on the back of my fiber router for several weeks. You’ll be better off on USB-C than USB-A, but either will work.

well that laptop has only
usb-a 3.0 ?
and usbc to charge laptop / connect to docking … or can i use that usb-c?

You can use the USB-A, and every laptop I’ve ever seen will send power out on the USB-C as well. There’s a possibility it won’t I suppose, but as I say I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that hasn’t.

cool, i will try ; so assuming i can use usb-c to usb-c cable that comes with nvme adaptor on disk ie


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Should be fine. USB-C cables are required to pass 1.5A to meet spec.

@jdub great, works flawlessly :slight_smile: dont know why guys dont pack usb-c-to usb-c cable instead of power adapter :slight_smile:

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Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Honestly I’d prefer they stop sending power adapters too. I throw them away as soon as they come out of the box.

(I don’t work for GL.iNet, FYI)

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yes but they should at least state that into the manual that its possible.

There are posts by @alzhao of GL.iNet to use the supplied power adapter. There are also issues posted in this forum by owners that can be traced back to power.

This is common for manufacturers, in order to reduce complaints to Support and/or return/refunds of products. They do not know details of the power of devices that you may plug into the USB port (e.g, tethering a smartphone while charging it at the same time) and the output of what you use as power source.

The supplied power adapters tend to be “overrated” to be on the safe side, at little extra cost, Not everyone has the same router setup. If your laptop power works for you, then by all means, you free to use it for your specific situation.


Sure, it’s a problem on larger routers not powered by USB-C where you have both higher power requirements and a larger chance that someone is going to plug in an adapter that looks the same but is actually 12V/0.5A instead of 12V/2A. Totally makes sense in that scenario. I run into this situation All. The. Time. with the products we manufacture. So I’m sympathetic.

But this is not that scenario, or anything close to it. Any device with a USB port produced in the last decade can power that router. Heck, for giggles last night I powered the A1300 off my USB-A laptop port and then powered the Slate AX off of the USB-A port from the A1300. Telling people it won’t work is not accurate or responsible.