GL-A1300 setup?

I need help to properly configure this router as an extender for a telescope controller that is putting out its own hotspot… The controller is capable of connecting to my home wifi, but because the telescope is almost 60 feet from the pot where I want to control the telescope, the connection drops intermittently. I want the GL-A1 to allow me to access that telescope controller using my home wifi. Without any real instructions that came with the GL, I managed to make connection with my telescope controller by luck. Unfortunately, the connection is through the GL network, not my home wifi. I need help doing this. In fact, I don’t even know the proper position for the mode switch, nor which port (WAN or LAN) to plug the controller’s ethernet port. Can someone come to my rescue?

2 solutions are available.:

  1. Switch the Network Mode of the A1300 to Extender and connect to your home Wi-Fi.
  2. Use Repeater on the A1300 to connect to your home Wi-Fi, and then forward your telescope controller to access the port via the port. You can then access your telescope controller via the A1300’s device on your home network via the LAN IP + the forwarded port .
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Thank you for your suggestions. I will try and get back to you if there is an issue.