GL-A1300 vs AXT1800 vs SFT1200 VPN Speeds

I know the speeds of the AXT1800, and SFT1200 - how does the Slate Plus compare with Wireguard/OpenVPN speeds?

Looks really interesting! So many variations so fast!

You can kind of guess. OpenVPN is single threaded, so one core; clock speed will govern. Wireguard is multithreaded. The SFT is dual core 1g, the Plus is quad core .7g and A7, and the axt1800 is quad core 1.6g and A53.

So for OpenVPN, it may be Plus, then Opal, then the AXT. For wireguard, it might be Opal, then Plus then Axt. But the AXT looks to be a beast.

I think you wrote it backwards? AXT has 1.6ghz so it would be the fastest, while Plus would be the slowest for single threaded loads. For multi threaded loads AXT would also be the fastest (ofc this depends on many other factors but in theory).

Memory will also play a role. Opal has 128MB DDR3, Plus has 256MB DDR3L and AXT has 512MB DDR3L.

Hah! Yes, if you are going fastest to slowest. I was going slowest to fastest.

Memory I think for OpenVPN depends on how many clients. Don’t know about wireguard, but I’m guessing buffering is important as the speeds go up.