GL-A1300 Wireguard to OPNSense

Just got the A1300 Slate Plus and was able to easily configure a WireGuard client to ProtonVPN. Works great.

At home I have an OPNSense Firewall and Wireguard Server which I can connect to via my devices. On client devices if I create a configuration it makes a public and private key.

On GL.inet it doesn’t seem to do that. Is there a way to generate that configuration? Or do i just make my own public and private keys somehow?

Trying to figure this out on OPNSense.

You can create the glinet pvt and public certs using a site like this

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Thanks! That helped immensely.

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Just to wrap this one up neatly I simply took the Wireguard Client on Mac and made a 2nd working configuration and cut and paste it into the GL.iNet manual configuration. Worked like a champ.

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