[GL-A1300] Won't connect to wifi as repeater

I just purchased a Slate Plus, but when I try to connect it to wifi to act as a repeater it fails continuously.

During the first connection it discovers the network - but fails to connect. In automated repeating connection attempts the UI says it fails to discover the network.

Some failures/warnings are included in the logs but I can't make heads or tails of them. Can anyone assist?

logread.tar (201 KB)

Can you do this, in repeater options choose 2.4G.

If still does not work can you reset the firmware?

This is the way how it works for my GL-A1300 FW 4.5.16 in every hotel, wether they use password or captive portal. I fix it to 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz BW and connect to it on channel 155 80MHz BW.
I use the GL-A1300 since many month in abt. 15 hotels with wireguard VPN to my FritzBox at home. It works perfectly without any problems or unintended interruptions.

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